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March 28, 2016

1. Go up (and down).

Do 15 minutes of a 35-minute walk on hills, not flat ground, and you'll burn close to 100 extra calories, according to walking guru Mark Fenton, author of The Complete Guide to Walking: For Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness. Not only will walking up...

March 25, 2016


Food is the most powerful medicine available to heal chronic disease. All you need to do is think of your grocery store as your pharmacy.



Think Color! Plants use colors as protective mechanisms. Those colors are the sources of phytonutrients -- plant chemicals that i...

March 24, 2016




Pass on the soda and skip the sugary cereal. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that a whopping 13% of adults’ total calories come from added sugar. That’s too much: Dietary guidelines say that sugar and fats combined should mak...

March 22, 2016

Diet and exercise aren’t the only factors that influence your ability to lose weight. The people you hang around can jeopardize successful weight loss as well, according to a study inObesity.

“[Your casual friends and acquaintances] can make or break you,” says Robin Mi...

March 15, 2016


What’s inside

Chlorophyll, protein, iron, Vitamin C, D, A, E, B12, all amino acids, folic acid, potassium, calcium

Spirulina is a natural algae powder.  


Health Benefits



Brain Health


Studies have been done that show components in spirulina have definite neuroprotective...

March 12, 2016

Your body cleanses on a daily basis. It is Nature’s gift to you that keeps illness away, gives you energy, and allows you to think clearly. But too many people are getting used to feeling “not so well.” Too many people live with the painful effects of a toxic system an...

February 9, 2016

Finding Sugar on Food Labels


If weight loss is your goal then you definitely want to read this. Sugar or Simple Carbs can be found in two places on a food label. The first is under the Carbohydrate section of the label and the other is ingredients. If any of the names...

January 26, 2016

Study: Diet Soda Increases the Risk of Diabetes. Why Do We Still Drink This Stuff?

By Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Shine | Healthy Living


Yet another study confirms what people have been saying for ages: Stop drinking diet soda. Like, right now. Drinking jus...

October 14, 2015


You're more likely to get it done if you don’t wait until after work or school. Exercising early in the morning improves your chances of making your workout part of your daily routine. Set yourself up for success and you will rarely be disappointed.